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Noble Street Studios - 17 Noble Street

Welcome to NobleStreetStudios, Canada's finest audio recording facility.

It's all about the experience.

We know recording can be stressful so we take great care to ensure your sessions go as envisioned.

Reliable equipment and superb staff are here in downtown Toronto ready to make your experience memorable for all the right reasons.

Some clients come for the natural light in almost every room. Everybody likes the spacious lounges with their comfortable couches. It could be the rooftop patio and grill or it might be the espresso/latte machines in those lounges. Certainly being so near Queen St makes it easy to get great food, indeed almost anything anytime. And if you need the extra security, our parking lot can be locked with a massive gate.

In Studio A we offer a large live floor, spacious control room with SSL 4058 E/G (54 mono + 2 stereo) and a wide variety of essential outboard gear. In Studio B we offer a mix room with SSL 6048 (32 mono + 8 stereo), essential outboard gear and an iso-booth. Both studios have large, dedicated lounges to enhance your experience.

The building was designed and built from below ground to the green roof to provide the optimal environment for music recording.

We have gone to great lengths to collect a lot of vintage and modern equipment over the past 15 years and we take pains to keep it all in good order.

Above all we are careful of the people we bring in to work with our clients. We are very conscious of the experience of working in the studio and how the people can influence the mood. You can be assured that everyone who works here is the best at what they do, including getting along with everybody and getting the work done easily.

This is where recording artists rediscover the joy of recording. This is where you can work swiftly and imaginatively, inspired and comfortable in the oasis of a purpose-built recording studio in downtown Toronto.

Welcome to NobleStreetStudios.


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