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Noble Street Studios - STUDIO G - Control Room Console


Introducing our new room...

Sunlight filters through the trees into the control room and iso-booth providing a refreshing change of atmosphere during the intensity of studio work.


Designed and built by the same team that did Studios A and B, Studio G is self-contained with ensuite kitchenette, bathroom and lounge, having its own private entrance as well as access through the building. The front private balcony is also accessible for fresh air breaks.


At a 125 sq. ft the iso-booth is large enough for a drum kit or several vocalists, with direct access to the control room and in view of the engineer. 


The control room is an engineer's dream with a rare, vintage SSL4048G++ Special Edition console with Ultimation, upholstered in a lovely red.

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Five equipment bays hold all the vintage and modern outboard gear that one could desire.

Atmos system mixing is available using he Neumann 7.2.4 system. Stereo monitors include PMC MB3-XBDs, Neumann KH310 stereo with KH810 subs, Yamaha NS10Ms with sub and Auratones.

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