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Noble Street Studios - STUDIO A - Live Floor


Offering large format recording at it's finest...

The 1200 square foot live room is fully isolated with a large skylight, ceiling height over 19 feet, a large drop-down projection screen and a desirable sound. The control room provides generous sightlines to the 2 iso-booths and the live floor, featuring a SSL 4056 E/G (54 mono + 2 stereo) with Total Recall and automation in excellent condition, plus a large HDTV plasma screen. Five rack bays house the outboard gear under the expansive producers table and there is a leather couch with matching club chairs at the back. The large monitors are PMC BB6-XBDs, near fields are PMC AML-2 and are available in 5.1. The piano is a Fazioli 7' grand that was selected by Herbie Hancock and Paolo Fazioli. Everyone who has played it has loved it. The Studio "A" lounge is a large, space designed for comfort and relaxation. It features 2 large couches, 2 large tables with chairs, a well-equipped kitchenette with a microwave and toaster oven, a spacious bathroom with shower, large screen HDTV and PMC surround-sound system.

Noble Street Studios - STUDIO B - Control Room


Consisting of three rooms...

A spacious control room, with a SSL 6048 (32 mono + 8 stereo) with Total Recall and automation, a separate DAW controller, 4 floating rack bays filled with a selection of fine analog and digital gear and a 2 seat couch with 2 club chairs, ideal for mixing, overdubbing and ADR.

A 100-square foot iso-booth with sliding glass doors into the control room and auxiliary entrance through the machine room, a neutral-sounding space providing excellent isolation.

A 350+ square foot wired lounge with kitchenette, gorgeous red couch and big screen with PMC stereo system.

We have also installed an incline platform lift for those clients requiring assistance up the stairs.

Noble Street Studios - STUDIO D - Control Room


Studio D is currently booked indefinitely

Noble Street Studios - STUDIO G - Control Room Console


Introducing our new room...


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