Noble Street Studios #StudioD


Studio D is currently booked indefinitely

Noble Street Studios - StudioD Floor Plan


COMPUTER / DAW / PLUGINS iMac 27 inch 8 core with 64 gigs of ram Protools (Latest Version) UA Apollo x8 Interface All Universal Audio Plugins Antares Auto-Tune Pro Celemony Melodyne Various Avid Plugins MICROPHONES AND PREAMPS Neumann U89 Large diaphragm condenser Microphone Neumann M269 Large diaphragm Tube condenser Microphone Shure SM7 Neve 1058 Vintage Preamp API preamp 512b (x2) API 500 series rack UA Apollo X8 Interface Preamps (x4) ANALOG COMPRESSORS Crane Song STC-8 compressor Universal Audio 1176 Blue Strip (new edition) HEADPHONES Sony MDR-7506 headphones (x4) Oz Audio - Q Mix Headphone mixer KEYBOARD CONTROLLER Novation 49 key controller SPEAKERS Barefoot MicroMain 27 speakers Yamaha NS-10 speakers with Bryston SST2 3B Amp MISC Mackie Big Knob Passive Volume 4 Channel DI ADC Bantam tt Patchbay Radial 12 Input Tie Line Snake 8 XLR Inputs / 8 XLR Outputs tie lines for outside equipment Atlas boom stands SE Reflexion Filter Pro