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17 Noble Street, Toronto, ON  M6K 2C7

+1 (416) 516-4444

The Story of NobleStreetStudios

NobleStreetStudios grew out of a desire to create an excellent recording environment in the downtown area. Recording excellence requires space, specialized construction and specific acoustic treatments. It is difficult to do well and nearly impossible in existing spaces, so the whole facility is custom-built from foundation to green roof, allowing us to tailor the spaces for optimal function and comfort.


In the west wing, on the main floor, Studio A offers a live space for ensemble recording without interference from the room itself or external sources, and an isolated control room well-suited for critical listening over long periods of time without fatigue.  The A room also has a lounge large enough to seat more than 20 people for a meal, yet intimate enough for a small group to feel at home.


The east wing is a 2-storey structure encompassing a reception area, manager's office, Accurate Audio (Artist support service), and the Technical Shop on the ground floor.


The second floor holds Studio B, the Tower, and the Gallery.


Studio B consists primarily of three rooms: a medium-sized control room, a wired lounge/live room and a 100 sq ft iso-booth.


The second floor holds Studio B and Studio G, with a lounge in the connecting space. This used to be an open space to the top of the Tower, which now houses a mezzanine.

Studio D is in the third floor mezzanine.

What was once the Gallery at the front of the building is now Studio G.

For clients who have difficulty with the stairs, access to the second floor is provided by a Garaventa incline platform lift (cap. 495 lbs). As well, we have installed interconnect wiring throughout allowing for real-time server access almost anywhere in the building. There is gated parking with key fob access, comfortable seating under the living wall and plenty of interesting spaces inside to inspire the artist too.


A 4,125 square foot green roof, a 30' long living wall, LED lighting throughout the building and a "tankless" demand hot water system all help soften the environmental impact of the studio.


The selection of studio gear is critical to recording the performance quickly and accurately.  Long before the studio was built we started collecting the best analog and digital equipment available. Our excellent technical staff keeps the gear in top running order so our clients can work at peak efficiency, capturing the moment and then moving on to the next one.


Also available;

Artist support services (CD/Vinyl pressing, graphic/web design, social media)


At our downtown location, just steps from Queen Street we are in the same neighborhood as many noted restaurants, lounges, galleries, shops and hotels.


The primary purpose of NobleStre
etStudios is to provide the best music recording environment possible for musicians and producers in downtown Toronto.


Every city with a respected music community has a major recording studio downtown, where even the most particular recording artist can be comfortable and creative.  NobleStreetStudios meets this need by offering a premier recording environment in the centre of the city.

Here are downloadable PDFs of the NobleStreetStudios logo.

LOGO I - 8" x 1.5" at 300dpi

LOGO II - 10.5" x 7" at 300dpi

LOGO III - 4.5" x 3" at 300dpi

Construction started in September 2008, after demolition of the existing structure and remediation of the contaminated soil.
The official opening party was JULY 2011

For some highlights, please check out the Construction Photo Gallery


Located in downtown Toronto
NobleStreetStudios is conveniently located near Queen/Dufferin.

from Toronto Pearson International Airport
from Union Station
from ScotiaBank Arena
the Rogers Center


Hotel X (CNE)
Gladstone Hotel (Queen/Dufferin)
The Drake Hotel (Queen/Dufferin)
The Thompson Hotel (King/Bathurst)
The Marriott/Renaissance (R
ogers Centre)


Area Pubs/Bars;

The Rhino, Gladstone Hotel, Drake Hotel, Mitzi's Sister

Area Fast Food/Restaurants;

Pizza Pizza, Quizno's, Subway, Ali Baba's, Alexandrias Falafel, McDonalds, Burger King, Ali's Roti, LCBO, Beer Store

Area Coffee Houses;

Rustic Cosmo Cafe, Coffee Time, Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Capital Coffee, Sam James


The NobleStreetStudios

facility is wheelchair accessible throughout.

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